Sunday, January 1, 2012


It hit me after my last blog post about efficiency and getting multiple things done at once that there is something missing. It hit me when I was outside playing with my kids and kept searching for something else to do during that time that there is something missing. It hit me when I grabbed my iPhone tonight when I was giving Maddie and Noah a bath there is something missing.

Me. I'm missing. Missing out on those tiny moments with my kids. (Damn you iPhone).

I'm not retracting my two-fers post, as that is simply a part of this part of my life. I have three kids, I help to run a small business, I work part-time, and I have a boat load of things that I need to get accomplished. Efficiency is a way of life. However, it has hit me that it has become normal for me and often when there is only one thing going on it feels as if I'm missing something. So I end up distracting myself, squeezing something else in, where in reality I should choose to engage with the moment I am in.

Becoming aware of this is one thing, but how do I resist the temptation to pick up the backyard when were out there playing, check Facebook or e-mail hourly? That is the question. I believe I need a new mantra, for this is one of two goals I have for myself for the upcoming year. I need to be able to say to myself in that moment when I want to do yet one more thing...don't miss out on this, make a memory, love your kids, take this time. It will come to me. There must be an app for that, right?! :)

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